30 July 2012

La Jetée (Part-1) - Chris Marker - 1962

Dead at 91.  Not a bad run.  Thanks for the inspiration and enjoy your nap.  You earned it.

06 July 2012

Defense Against the Psychopath (Full length Version)

FYI.  Caveat:  some really great information.  Not sure all of his examples are truly psychopaths but many are.  Keep your critical thinking cap on.

The Voluptuous Horror Of Karen Black-Neighborachie

Spent part of the late afternoon yesterday being treated to the hub's entire Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black collection (not including the vinyl.) Hilariously transgressive.   Goes great with weed.  Just saying.  This is my resulting ear worm, btw.  Had to share.

03 July 2012

1957 Face in the Crowd /message in movie

Sheer brilliance.  If you haven't seen it, can't recommend it enough.  Enjoy the dirt nap, Matlock.   You've earned it.